Weekly Puzzle: Shop Inventory Manager

Shop Inventory Manager


Note: This is a fairly well-known Kata I was excited to find. One of my programming hero's, Sandi Metz, did an amazing talk based on this Kata. The video is embedded below. Please submit your entry before watching it.


Hi and welcome to team Gilded Rose.

You are asked to fix the code for our store management system.

All items have a sell_in value which denotes the number of days we have left to sell the item and a quality value which denotes how valuable the item is. (For Java specifics see Java Notes below)

At the end of each day our software should lower both values for every item.

Pretty simple, right? Well this is just the general rule with some exception:

  • once the sell_in days is less then zero, quality degrades twice as fast;
  • the quality of an item can never be negative or increase beyond 50;
  • the "Aged Brie" goods actually increases in quality each passing day;
  • "Sulfuras" goods, being legendary items, never change their sell_in or quality values;
  • "backstage passes", like aged brie, increases in quality as it's sell_in value decreases;
  • not just that: for "backstage passes" quality increases by 2 when there are 10 days or less and by 3 when there are 5 days or less but quality drops to 0 after the concert (sell_in 0 or lower).

Complicated enough, now? Well, there is a new item category that we would like to see added to the inventory management system:

  • "Conjured" items degrade in quality twice as fast as normal items.

You can change the update_quality method, add any new code, but you should NOT edit the item constructor/class: it belong to the goblin in the corner who will insta-rage and one-shot you as he doesn't believe in shared code ownership.

Just for extra clarification, an item can never have its quality increase above 50, however "Sulfuras" is a legendary item and as such its quality is 80 and it never alters.

You won't find mixed categories (like a "Conjured Sulfuras Backstage pass of Doom"), but the category name may be not in the first position (ie: expect something like "SuperUberSword, Conjured" or "Mighty Sulfuras Armour of Ultimate Awesomeness").

Java Notes:

  • sell_in value can be accessed using getSellIn() and setSellIn() methods
  • quality value can be accessed using getQuality() and setQuality() methods

Submission Instructions

Complete the puzzle on CodeWars and then follow these instructions to get the link to your solution and email that link to weeklypuzzle@bloc.io or tweet it at @trybloc.
Submit by Friday March 25th 9am PST to be included.

Sandi Met'z Talk based on this Kata

This is soooooo good!

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The "Who's on First" award

Goes to Kevin Lowe. He delivered fast and the code is amazingly clean.

One last thing: