Weekly Puzzle: Paths in the Grid

Paths in the Grid



You have a grid with m rows and n columns.
Return number of ways that you can start from point A to reach point B.
you are only allowed to move right and up.

Submission Instructions

Complete the puzzle on CodeWars and then follow these instructions to get the link to your solution and email that link to weeklypuzzle@bloc.io or tweet it at @trybloc.
Submit by Friday April 29th 9am PST to be included.

Last Week's Result Integer to English

Last week the challenge was to change integer values into english strings:

The "Who's on First" award

Goes to Allen Kramer. Well done!

The "Deep Digger" award

Goes to Chris Matus. Way to keep pushing! Loved seeing that play out on Slack. The Bloc community is awesome!