Weekly Code Puzzle: Dubstep

Last week: Villain name

Last week our challenge was to make a function to generate your villain name.

The winner was the first to complete the puzzle Benji Dalton

function getVillainName(birthday) {  
  var datePosition;
  (birthday.getDate().toString().length === 1) ? datePosition = 0 : datePosition = 1;
  var firstName = birthday.getMonth().toString();
  var lastName = birthday.getDate().toString().charAt(datePosition)
  var villianFirst; 
  var villianLast;   

  for (month in villianLibrary.months) {
    if (firstName === month) {
      var villianFirst = villianLibrary.months[month][Object.keys(villianLibrary.months[month])[0]];
  for (day in villianLibrary.days) {
    if (lastName === day) {
      var villianLast = villianLibrary.days[day][Object.keys(villianLibrary.days[day])[0]];     
  return villianFirst + " " + villianLast;

var villianLibrary = {  
    {"January": "The Evil"}, 
    {"February" : "The Vile"},
    {"March" : "The Cruel"},
    {"April" : "The Trashy"},
    {"May" : "The Despicable"},
    {"June" : "The Embarrassing"},
    {"July" : "The Disreputable"},
    {"August" : "The Atrocious"},
    {"September" : "The Twirling"}, 
    {"October" : "The Orange"},
    {"November" : "The Terrifying"},
    {"December" : "The Awkward"}
    {"0" : "Mustache"},
    {"1" : "Pickle"},
    {"2" : "Hood Ornament"},
    {"3" : "Raisin"},
    {"4" : "Recycling Bin"},
    {"5" : "Potato"},
    {"6" : "Tomato"},
    {"7" : "House Cat"},
    {"8" : "Teaspoon"},
    {"9" : "Laundry Basket"}

This Week's Puzzle: Dubstep


Polycarpus works as a DJ in the best Berland nightclub, and he often uses dubstep music in his performance. Recently, he has decided to take a couple of old songs and make dubstep remixes from them.

Let's assume that a song consists of some number of words. To make the dubstep remix of this song, Polycarpus inserts a certain number of words "WUB" before the first word of the song (the number may be zero), after the last word (the number may be zero), and between words (at least one between any pair of neighbouring words), and then the boy glues together all the words, including "WUB", in one string and plays the song at the club.

For example, a song with words "I AM X" can transform into a dubstep remix as "WUBWUBIWUBAMWUBWUBX" and cannot transform into "WUBWUBIAMWUBX".

Recently, Jonny has heard Polycarpus's new dubstep track, but since he isn't into modern music, he decided to find out what was the initial song that Polycarpus remixed. Help Jonny restore the original song.


The input consists of a single non-empty string, consisting only of uppercase English letters, the string's length doesn't exceed 200 characters


Return the words of the initial song that Polycarpus used to make a dubsteb remix. Separate the words with a space.



The language options for this puzzle are:

  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Python


The winners this week will get a limited edition "HACK THE PLANET" T-shirt.

Submission Instructions

Complete the puzzle on CodeWars and then follow these instructions to get the link to your solution and email that link to weeklypuzzle@bloc.io or tweet it at @trybloc. Submit by Friday January 29th 9am PST to be included.