Tech Talk: Consolidated Roadmaps Project

Towards the end of 2016, our product and engineering teams were working to figure out how to add some of the newer features to our legacy products. The products varied in configuration and content, and it was difficult to add anything new. When we thought about how to add important features like assessments, gates, and mastery learning, the problem became complex. We would have to add layers and band-aids onto our existing system. This begged the question: why add new layers? Why not restructure the legacy products to be flexible enough to easily add these features?

That's where consolidated roadmaps came in. It's a reconfiguration of how we structure our legacy products, so that we can solve problems in the same way, even if products vary in requirements, content, and outcome.

This was largely a backend project, with minimal student experience disruption. In last Thursday's tech talk, I went into details about the project proposal, the various complexities in each stage, and the lessons we learned along the way.