Bloc Tech Talk: Caching

Our Bloc site experienced an hour of downtime on November 10th. Why? Caching. Megan discusses the incident, caching basics, caching use in the Bloc codebase, and steps to fix caching »

Bloc Tech Talk: Tech in VFX

Megan nerds out about experience building pipeline, production, and disk management tools in the visual effects industry. Star wars, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park, oh my! »

A Day in the Life: Tech Lead

9:30 am Today seems like a bacon day. After the usual bus jaunt, I swing by my breakfast spot and swipe the last bacon breakfast sandwich. I head up »

Engineering Tech Talk: Progress, have we made any?

Every week, the Bloc engineering team hosts a tech talk. This week, I discussed a particularly complex area of the codebase: tracking student progress. I cover the history of tracking »