Weekly Puzzle: Use SQL to Find Carmen Sandiego

This week, guest puzzle master Aaron Brager has a scavenger hunt for you. You'll use SQL to find Carmen Sandiego! She could be anywhere in the world. How to Play »

Weekly Puzzle: Snail!

Snail Sort http://www.codewars.com/kata/snail Given an n x n array, return the array elements arranged from outermost elements to the middle element, traveling clockwise. array = [[1, »

Weekly Puzzle: Don't Drink The Water

Last week: Dubstep Last week the challenge was to decode a song that had been ruined remixed with dubstep wubwubwubs. In addition to bragging rights the winners will also get »

Weekly Code Puzzle: Dubstep

Last week: Villain name Last week our challenge was to make a function to generate your villain name. The winner was the first to complete the puzzle Benji Dalton function »

Weekly Code Puzzle: Find Your Villain Name

Welcome back Puzzlers. After long break over the holidays we have returned for more exciting puzzle fun. The puzzle: http://www.codewars.com/kata/find-your-villain-name Create a function, getVillainName, that »