Approaching the conversion of CoffeeScript to ES6

ES6(ECMAScript 6 or a.k.a ES2015) is JavaScript's first update to the language since 2009 and makes compilers like CoffeeScript no longer needed. Now that JavaScript is catching »

Creating Modals in AngularJs

Modals have been a point of contention with me since I first started developing for the web. For the most part, my attempts to write a custom modal have been »

Cleaning up a feature test

Writing fully integrated tests can be a point of contention testing, especially when it comes to writing Capybara test that need to wait JavaScript to load items. Having a Rails »

Clean Ruby with cleaner privates (DCI)

Understanding the context of code in a team repo is hard and it's harder when the solution to figuring how code works is, "I Don't Know, just Git Blame and »

4 rules for squashing bugs

"Someone asked me once if I knew the difference between a civilian and a citizen. I know now. A citizen has the courage to make the safety of the human »