TIL: Find the size of a response body using curl

Today I needed to inspect how large the body of one of our API end points was. My initial idea was to do this: curl myurl.com/endpoint.json > »

Levi's AMA

The Bloc engineering team has a new addition: Levi Kennedy! He has many years of engineering experience, lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and likes kittens and guitars. We brought him out »

Tech Talk: Database AMA

Dave hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session about databases. Check out his answers to questions about indexing, understanding complicated SQL queries, and types of databases. BONUS: we kept a python »

Tech Talk: Git AMA

Dave hosts an Ask-Me-Anything session for all things git related. Enjoy! »

Tech Talk: Testing

Ariel talks about his experience in testing, both the good and the bad. Check it out below. »