A Day in the Life of a Remote Engineer

I’m Levi Kennedy, and I’m a remote Senior Software Engineer at Bloc. I’ve been a software engineer for eight years. Most of my background lies in e-commerce »

Tech Talk: Consolidated Roadmaps Project

Towards the end of 2016, our product and engineering teams were working to figure out how to add some of the newer features to our legacy products. The products varied »

TIL: Find the size of a response body using curl

Today I needed to inspect how large the body of one of our API end points was. My initial idea was to do this: curl myurl.com/endpoint.json > »

Levi's AMA

The Bloc engineering team has a new addition: Levi Kennedy! He has many years of engineering experience, lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and likes kittens and guitars. We brought him out »

Tech Talk: Database AMA

Dave hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session about databases. Check out his answers to questions about indexing, understanding complicated SQL queries, and types of databases. BONUS: we kept a python »