Ruby Blocks and Arguments

At Bloc, we encourage many of our non-technical teammates to learn how to program and like to help them along the way. One of my coworkers who is brand new »

Module Inheritance vs. Class Inheritance

Developers writing code in object-oriented languages like Ruby and JavaScript have a complicated relationship with inheritance. I have seen opinions stating that class inheritance is absolutely evil and should be »

Weekly Puzzle: Paths in the Grid

Paths in the Grid Description You have a grid with m rows and n columns. Return number of ways that you can start from »

Weekly Puzzle: Integer to English

Integer to English Description For a given positive integer convert it into its English representation. All words are lower case and are separated with »

Weekly Puzzle: Shop Inventory Manager

Shop Inventory Manager Note: This is a fairly well-known Kata I was excited to find. One of my programming hero's, Sandi Metz, did an »